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The first stop on our tour of the landscape at the Deerfoot House was the chapel, the first building on the property.  The town's

first Episcopal chapel, later the stone cutting workshop as
the home was built.


Home owner Jon Delli Priscoli described the process of restoring the stone chapel.  All the fixtures, furnishing and art were collected over years by Mr. Priscoli.


The restored carriage house has an event space and commercial kitchen that will allow the chapel and the carriage house to host small weddings, baptisms and community holiday events.


The main house has taken several years to restore.  The second and third floors are complete and are now being furnished.  The main floor is nearing completion and the owner hopes it will be move in ready for the holidays.


Mr. Priscoli explained how the electrical systems were updated without damaging the walls. 

The gold leaf was applied by skilled craftspeople.  Some of the lighting was collected from historic homes in Newport.


The property's landscape designer Michael Weishan said more than 2000 rose bushes were planted, including English Roses in the formal garden and around the foundation where their fragrance can be appreciated.


Michele Landes demonstrates

different ways to approach designing with our fresh cut flowers and, perhaps, with

additional greens from

our own yards.

F F 2022-5_edited.jpg

Michele placed a single stem in each of four little vases, created an arrangement in a favorite

blue and white vase, and

made interesting horizontal arrangement in a pretty vase


Caroline Rossen created this

lovely arrangement to feature

not just the flowers but a

favorite vase as well.


Elizabeth Martins designs a dramatic tall arrangement to compliment her pretty tall vase.

F F 2022-2.jpg

A member or guest created this colorful arrangement with all different varieties and

colors of flowers from

Ferjulian's Flower Farm.

F F 2022-1.jpg

This pretty creation highlights flowers in every possible

shade of pink from pale

to deep!


Laurie Macauda designed this graceful bouquet to compliment her gorgeous cut crystal vase.    It features a wonderful variety

of blooms in whites, pinks

and purples.


Jane Davis designs with

bright pink and orange

flowers she picked at

Ferjulian's Flower Farm.

F F 2022-10.jpg

A closer look at the little arrangement Jane is working

on in the photo to the left.  Stunning Asian lilies

inspired the design.


Cathy Neidich picked big

yellow and blue/violet blooms at Ferjulian's Flower Farm and added big hydrangeas

blooms cut at home.

F F 2022-3.jpg

This design takes advantage of some of the wonderful colors zinnea grow in... along with other bright summer blooms.

F F 2022-12_edited.jpg

This colorful arrangement

in bright jewel tones was designed by Michele Landes.


Salli Hegarty tries out a suggestion Michele made

during her presentation... designing her bouquet in her hand and before placing it

into her vase.


Members and guest gather around to admire the arrangements and notice how different they all are!  Michelle

pointed out ideas that worked well and offered hints we

can all keep in mind.

F F 2022-13.jpg

This sizable arrangement is

blast of different colors and textures.  It  goes wide to take advantage or the wide container it's built in.

Elm Bank Honeysuckles_edited.jpg

These are three different varieties of honeysuckle that looked gorgeous and smelled just as pretty as they looked.  Note the interesting branch structure created by a local craftsman.

Elm Bank Frog Sculpture_edited.jpg

This fun fellow was part of a sculpture exhibit at Weezie's Garden for Children at Elm Bank.  He became such a favorite with the kids that Mass. Hort. purchased him.

Elm Bank Tour Group_edited.jpg

At the end of our Elm Bank tour our grateful group posed for a photo with our wonderful tour guide.  Note another branch structure in the background.  This one is intended to give visitors a view of the gardens from above.

Elm Bank 2_edited.jpg

Part of the Bressingham Garden at Elm Bank in Wellesley.  The garden was designed by Adrian Bloom to echo his own garden in Bressingham, England.

Elm Bank 3_edited.jpg

Part of the Bressingham Garden at Elm Bank with a view toward the Manor House, designed for Alice Cheney-Beltzell, the last person to live on the property.

Elm Bank 5_edited.jpg

Our knowledgeable (and entertaining) Elm Bank tour guide show us a favorite gardening book by Adrian Bloom, his most recent.

Marilyns Arrangment.jpg

Blue Ribbon Winner Marilyn Stivers used gorgeous spring blooms and her signature open style to create this delicate but dramatic arrangement. 

Exotic Rose Prize Arrangement.jpg

Julie Lapham, one of our Blue Ribbon Winners, used a variety of beautiful and unique roses to created this arrangement.

Michelle's Winner Arrangement.jpg

Michele Landes won a

Blue Ribbon for this

arrangement at a Newport Flower Show

Trudy's Arrangement.jpg

This graceful arrangement in shades of white was created

by Trudy Bessom, one of

our Blue Ribbon Winners.

Tiny Winner Arrangement.jpg


Veda Greene was a Blue Ribbon Winner at a Boston Flower

Show with this lovely little arrangement.

Cookbook Cover Arrangement_edited.jpg


Phyllis Bezanson and Jayne Grieco interpreted Phyllis's beautiful painting which graced the cover of the award winning "Perennial Palette" cookbook.

Cookbook Pix Arrangement_edited.jpg

​Judy Quinlan created this pretty floral version of a painting in  our "Perennial Palette" cookbook

Louises Flowers & Veggies Arrangement_edited.jpg

Louise Turner's used beautiful flowers and colorful veggies to interpret a painting from our "Perennial Palette" cookbook.

Veggie Arrangement_edited.jpg

Danielle O'Connell and Caroline Rossen demonstrate that "not all Spring bouquets are made of flowers" in their interpretation of a "Perennial Palette" painting.



Betty Meyer's interpretation of her own painting from the "Perennial Palette" cookbook.


Mary Coldwell's interpretation of the painting she created

for the "Perennial Palette" cookbook.



Jan DeWolf created this charming arrangement that calls to mind our planting projects around Southborough.

Wreath Inspiration Arrangements_edited.jpg

Celebrating our Holiday Wreath Sale...
Basket by Colleen Harper
Cake Stand by Elaine Holmes

& Hanging Wreath by

Amy Coombs

Community Project Arrangement Room_edited.jpg


Shelley Dropkin's arrangement interprets an annual Spring Plant Sale scenario.


Joyce Macknauskas and Salli Hegarty's interpretation of the Triangle plantings at Rt. 85,

(including the traffic).  The triangle is one our ongoing community projects.


Sandra Peters' cheerful arrangment interprets

Gardeners plantings at the

Rt. 85 Triangle.


Laurie Macauda and Elizabeth Martins created this interpretation of the Library Urns in the Fall.


Michele Landes shows us

her perspective on the

greenhouse of the supplier

of geraniums for our

Spring Plant Sale.

Michele and someones Arrangment_edited.png
Danielle's Antique Lantern Arrangement.jpg

Danielle O'Connell's lovely creation shows her take on  our plantings in the Library Urns along with a town light post that happened to be centered between them

in a photo.



Cathy Neidich and Barb Kantorski created this arrangement reminiscent of the Library Urns planted for spring.

Tall Snapdragon Arrangment.jpg


Denise Baker designed this gorgeous and dramatic arrangement based upon her interpretation of the

Library Urns.

Dogwood Arrangement-2_edited.jpg


This striking arrangement

by Caroline Rossen was inspired by autumn plantings in the Library Urns.

Flowers For Friends Arrangments_edited.jpg

Sue Conti shows us how "Flowers for Friends" can use flowers from our back yards for bouquets to cheer Southborough seniors and other friends around town.

Flower Show 50th Party_edited_edited.jpg

Members enjoy a delicious lunch and celebrate a successful Spring Plant Sale and 50th Anniversary Flower Show.  Thank you to  Diana Lindon and her volunteer cooks and bakers!

Geranuim Sale Photo 2022_edited.jpg


We had a huge selection

of geraniums in a variety of fabulous colors!

Member Donations at Plant Sale.jpg


Shoppers find a wide variety of plants donated by members

from their own gardens.

Lawn at Plant Sale 2022.jpg


Members meet early to set up

the Spring Plant Sale on the Community Center Lawn.



Geraniums and impatiens

spend the night before the

Spring Plant Sale on the deck

of the Community House.



Member volunteers unload

a truck full of geraniums

and impatiens the day

before that sale.

50th Celebration - Art & Flowers_edited.jpg

Judy Quinlan created a

lovely arrangement as a demonstration at our

50th Anniversary luncheon.

50th Celebration - Danielle_edited.jpg

Southborough Gardeners President Danielle O'Connell at our

50th Anniversary Celebration luncheon at the Framingham Country Club

Wabi Sabi Arrangements_edited.jpg


Colleen Harper and
Elaine Holmes with their

"Wabi Sabi" style arrangments.

Long Time Members at 50th.jpg

Long time members

enjoy visiting at the 50th

Anniversary Luncheon


Michele Landes hosted our Holiday Brunch and demonstrated three arrangements with the same group of flowers

Louise Danielle.jpeg

Current president Danielle OConnell with past president Louise Turner at our

Holiday Brunch.


Michele Landes and Caroline Rossen help assemble wreaths for our annual holiday wreath sale.


Members help assemble wreaths for our annual holiday

wreath sale.

Holiday Wreath 2021_edited.jpg

One of the beautiful wreaths

created for our 2021 holiday wreath sale.


One of the matching pair of urns in front of the Southborough Library.  The urns are planted seasonally (spring here) and maintained by our members.

One of the matching pair of urns in front of the Southborough Library.  The urns are planted seasonally and maintained by our members.


One of the matching pair of urns in front of the Southborough Library.  The urns are planted seasonally and maintained by our members.

Library Urn_edited.jpg
Evergreen Planter with Pansies_edited.png

A town planter planted for Spring by member

Joyce Macknauskas.

Gateway Island Planter.jpg

Members seasonally plant the Southborough traffic island

and maintain it.

Library Garden -2.jpg

Members seasonally plant the Southborough traffic island

and maintain it.

Library Garden.jpg

Member volunteers brighten downtown Southborough for a COVID flower flash!

Community Project -1.jpg

A Southborough Gardeners

town beautification project,

the renovation of the

Library Garden.

Shopping at Nursery -3_edited.jpg

Members visit a local

greenhouse to select beautiful plants for our annual

Spring Plant Sale.

Setting up Spring Plant Sale -7.jpg

Our annual Spring Plant Sale

is all set up and ready to

open at Southborough's Community House.

Geranuim Sale Photo.bmp

Geranium Sale !

Setting up Spring Plant Sale -8.jpg

Spring Plant Sale volunteers pose with Mothers' Day arrangements created by our members.

Shopping at Nursery -2.JPG

Members volunteer at the

Spring Plant Sale.

Spring Plant Sale -2.jpg

Members of the Spring Plant Sale set up team pose with the Club banner.

Spring Plant Sale -1.JPG

Members volunteer at the

Spring Plant Sale.

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