Heritage Day

October 10, 2022,  9am - 1pm             St. Mark's Field, Southborough


You are invited to come and see what’s new at The Southborough Gardeners'

booth at the Heritage Day celebration and event.

Free Live Floral Demonstrations

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Learn to make Beautiful Arrangments


Floral demonstrations will be presented at 9:30AM, 10:30AM and 11:30AM by one of The Southborough Gardeners many talented floral arrangers.  You will be shown how to make your own beautiful arrangements using what you already have, locally grown, foraged, and seasonally appropriate floral materials.  Each arrangement created at a demonstration will be given to a member of the audience watching that demonstration. 

Beautiful Gifts for Sale

...to give or to keep!

Heirloom Trudi Poppy


You will swoon over this poppy, which is originally from Slovakia. Large pink petals and lavender eyes float on 2’-3’ stems. Huge       seed heads are filled with thousands of rich poppy seeds.  Bees love to swim in the small ocean of pollen-laden anthers inside each flower.  Tiny glass phials containing well over 200 seeds will be more than enough to grow your own plants and harvest        thousands of additional seeds to scatter in your garden for a glorious display the following spring.  This will keep the tradition   going, as we are doing here, of sharing with your gardening friends.

Pink Poppy Photo.jpg
Drying Flowers Photo.jpg

Mary’s Fleurs Séchées


Fleurs séchées are delicate dried flowers.  These exquisite arrangements are elegantly presented for gift giving, but so lovely you might want to keep for yourself. Here is a picture of a member’s dining room being used for drying stems and flowers.  Flowers are suspended from the chandelier, hung from drawer knobs and pulls, and all over the table, itself.  Messy, yes, but you will agree - a very pretty messy.  These arrangements will be made by members of The Southborough Gardeners.

Gift items were made possible by the generosity of Trudi Bessom and Mary Coldwell    – both valued and treasured members of this garden club.  We thank them. 


Annual November Guest Day Event


Tickets to the event will be available for advance purchase.  The event will be held on Thursday, November 10th at Fellowship Hall, Pilgrim Church, Southborough.  Look for the dedicated flyer giving detailed information which will be posted in mid October on our Facebook page and our website:  www.southboroughgardeners.org

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