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Southborough Gardeners Standing Rules





1.  The Club shall have no more than forty (40) Active members.


2.  Each year every Active member must:


  • attend at least six (6) regular meetings;

  • serve as an officer or on one or more committees;

  • participate in hospitality, one or more community beautification projects, November Guest Day and the plant sale;

  • contribute to the library flowers

3.  Each year every Associate member:


  • must attend or participate in at least three (3) regular meetings;

  • must participate in one or more community beautification projects and hopitality;

  • is encouraged to serve as a Committee Chairman.


4.  Honorary members shall not:


  • be required to participate in projects and activities of the Club but are encouraged to do so.


5.  For Active and Associate membership requirements, two workshops may take the place of one regular meeting; the plant sale and November Guest Day each

     constitute a meeting.


6.  Members representing the Club elsewhere at the same time as a Club business meeting shall be considered in attendance at that business meeting.




1.  An Active member is expected at each meeting unless she/he contacts the event chairman.

2.  The Associate member or Honorary member must telephone the event chairman of a meeting if planning to attend.

3.  Any member who is not a member of the Executive Board and wishes to attend an Executive Board meeting shall notify the President.

4.  There are to be no children at meetings.





1.  A prospective member must attend a business meeting before she can submit an application for membership.

2.  A member must be a member of the Club for one year before she can propose a new member.

3.  Any member of a Federated Garden Club who moves to Southborough and wishes to transfer membership to the Club will be granted an Active membership or, 
    if applicable, be placed at the top of the waiting list.  The order of the waiting list is dependent upon the date the request is received.





1.  Resignation of a member should be made in writing to the President.


2.  Any former member who moves and then returns to Southborough and wishes to be reinstated shall have his/her name placed at the head of the waiting list, if

3.  Any member in good standing, who resigns from the Club for a sufficient personal reason and wishes to return as a member, may do so or, if applicable, be
    placed at the top of the waiting list.




Guests are welcome on a reservation-only basis with the Meeting Chairman, except for those events that are open to the public such as November Guest Day and the Greens Workshops.




The annual dues of Associate members shall be ten dollars ($10) more than the dues of Active members.




All expenditures not set forth in the Budget:

1.  The Executive Board shall have authority to approve Operational Expenditures and disbursement of Community Funds up to $100.

2.  The membership shall authorize Operational Expenditures and/or disbursement of all Community Funds in excess of $100 but less than $500 by a majority vote 
    of the membership present at the business meeting.

3.  The membership shall authorize Operational Expenditures and/or disbursement of Community Funds equal to $500 or more by ballot vote provided that the

     membership has received written notice of the requested expenditure one week or more in advance of the requested vote.





In the event of the death of a Club member, a $25 donation will be made to the Club’s Scholarship Fund in memory of the deceased member or an arrangement of equivalent value will be sent to their family. The Corresponding Secretary shall write a condolence card to the family expressing the sympathy of the Club and mentioning the donation if such was made. In the event of the death of an immediate family member of a Club member (husband, wife, father, mother, or child), an appropriate note or card shall be sent by the

Corresponding Secretary.





It is the duty of the Hospitality Committee to arrange for the provision of refreshments at the business meetings. In doing so the Hospitality Committee shall:


1.   Check with the Meeting Chairman on specific needs, purchase coffee supplies, prepare coffee/tea, prepare tea table.

2.  Coordinate table arrangement.

3.  Be familiar with the kitchen and any equipment you may be using.

4.  Have everything set up before the meeting.

5.  Keep track of all expenses and give receipts to the Treasurer.


6.  Get volunteers signed up, when necessary, to work in the kitchen to set up for the meeting and clean up following the meeting.

7.  Maintain the club-owned linens, coffee urns and water dispenser.




It shall be the duty of the Town Beautification and Conservation Committee to organize all beautification, educational, outreach and conservation projects, including Flowers for Friends, Library Flowers, Holiday Wreaths and the maintenance of Southborough Community Projects.




1.  Send contract to speaker (be familiar with all the specifics).

2.  Check back with the speaker two weeks before the meeting to confirm all details.

3.  Be responsible for having all needs and equipment necessary for speaker.

4.  Be available to help speaker unload and reload car.  Have helpers if necessary.

5.  Introduce speaker at meeting. Be prepared with background information and check it with the speaker before the meeting.

6.  Check with the host/hostess, if any, regarding his/her needs such as extra chairs, parking, refreshment time, etc.

7.  Have check from the Treasurer ready for the speaker (mileage and expenses may have to be added).

8.  Coordinate venue requirements such as setup, cleanup, rental(s), and insurance.

9.  Check with the Communications Committee Chairman if newspaper articles, posters, or pictures are to be used.



The Standing Rules may be amended at any regular meeting or the Annual Meeting of the Club by the majority vote of those present.

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