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Photo Gallery

Library Garden 2024 2.jpg

Many Southborough Gardeners members, led by Michele Landes, volunteer to plant, weed and

water the Library Garden.

Library Garden 2024 3.jpg

In the spring the irises are the

stars but in the foreground some

of the other perennials are

blooming and others will be

bloom throughout the summer.

Library Garden 2024 2_edited_edited.jpg

Late May, 2024


The Library iris couldn't be

more gorgeous!


Shelley Dropkin, a long time and favorite member, is moving to join family in the Midwest so we wished her luck and happiness with some champagne and goodies!

Plant Sale 2024-5_edited_edited.jpg

These huge colorful hanging annuals are a big favorites that attract customers to our

sale every year.


Plant Sale Committee members Sue Baust, Sue Pyne and Caroline Rossen share the only bench during a break from setting up.


The Plant Sale is an "all hands on deck" event for us.  Carol, Debbie, Sue, Sue, Shelley, Caroline, Salli, Laurie and Elizabeth are

obviously having a great time volunteering together!


Our table of "part shade annuals" included many gorgeous and

unusual varieties of coleus.


Our table of showy Martha Washington geraniums, and a few other colorful annuals, attracted a

lot of attention from shoppers.

Plant Sale 2024-12_edited.jpg

Perennials members dug

from their home gardens and donated to the sale are always in demand with shoppers.

Plant Sale 2024-16_edited.jpg

Plants ordered from commercial growers and those donated by members from their own gardens

are safely tucked away overnight before the sale on Saturday.

Plant Sale 2024-10_edited.jpg

Thank you to Sue Pyne, our Plant Sale Chairperson, and Shelley Dropkin, Sue's longtime second

in command!

Plant Sale 2024-2_edited.png

Our always popular classic geraniums and Martha Washington geraniums are looking beautiful

and waiting for shoppers.


Our Friday morning "unload the truck team" takes a break for a

team photo.

Plant Sale 2024-6_edited.jpg

Our gorgeous, and huge, flowering hanging baskets are a favorite with our customers... and our members.

Plant Sale 2024-3_edited.jpg

Early bird shoppers look over all the choices and decide what they need for their gardens and yards.

Plant Sale 2024-4_edited.jpg

Lots of perennials, for both sun

and shade were available, many donate by our members.

Plant Sale 2024-1.jpg

Sue Conti admires the plants and

the completed set-up just before

the sale opens and the customers flow in.

Fern Kokedama_edited.jpg

In May members Caroline Rossen and Marilyn Stivers hosted a workshop and taught us about

the Japanese Art of the Moss Ball.

Danielle O'Connell created this

pretty fern kokedama.

Succulent Kokedama_edited.jpg


Cathy Neidich chose a gorgeous

blue/green succulent to top her

kokedama moss ball.

Orchid Kokedama 2_edited.jpg

Barb Kantorski found it wasn't

easy, and was pretty messy, to

make a ball of soil, add an orchid, cover it with moss and then wrap it all together with clear fishing line (which you can see bottom right).

Tulips at Elm Bank 2_edited.jpg


On April 19th eleven of our

members bundled up to

enjoy "Tulip Mania"!

Tulips at Elm Bank 3_edited.jpg

Massachusetts Horticultural

Society's "Tulip Mania" took place

at their Elm Bank property

from April 17th through 28th.

Tulips at Elm Bank 1_edited.jpg

"Tulip Mania" is Elm Bank's

official opening for spring.

Visit them on the Wellesley/

Natick/Dover line.

March 2024 Program 3_edited.jpg

Susan Nock form Thistle Garden Design demonstrated spring container planting.  She assembled three stunning creations.

March 2024 Program 3_edited.jpg

Susan Nock form Thistle Garden Design demonstrated spring container planting.  She assembled three stunning creations.

March 2024 Program 3_edited.jpg

Susan Nock form Thistle Garden Design demonstrated spring container planting.  She assembled three stunning creations.

March 2024 Program 3_edited.jpg

Susan Nock form Thistle Garden Design demonstrated spring container planting.  She assembled three stunning creations.

March 2024 Program 2_edited.jpg

As she worked, Susan shared
some tips such as filling the entire

container, no matter how large,

with potting soil and using

a shard of pottery to cover the

hole in the bottom of the pot.

March 2024 Program 1_edited.jpg

Three lucky club members were delighted to win the gorgeous planters Susan created during

her presentation!

Sherborn Flower Show-2_edited.jpg

This floral "Birthday Cake"

celebrates the Sherborn Daffodil

Trail and was created by

Sherborn Garden Club member Nicole Wiemeyer.

Sherborn Flower Show-3_edited.jpg

Jane Davis, Diana Lindon,

Cathy Neidich and Veda Greene enjoyed the Sherborn Garden

Club's Flower Show celebrating

their 50th Anniversary.

Sherborn Flower Show-1_edited.jpg

This floral "Birthday Cake"

celebrates the Sherborn Library. 

It was designed by Sherborn

Garden Club member

Nancy Schaad.

Isabelle Zee 3_edited.jpg

Isabelle Zee is a native of France

and grew up surrounded by flowers.  She has lived and traveled around

the world and trained under a

world-renowned floral designer.

Isabelle Zee 1_edited.jpg

Isabelle Zee is a floral
designer and the owner of
Le Bouquets du Grillion

in Sudbury Massachusetts.  She

will design a dream bouquet for

your special occasion.


A little collection of Santas

and a trio of lanterns make a

pretty display on a hall table.

Michele & Jane's arrangement at WAM_edited.jpg

Michele Landes, with assistance

from Jane Davis, created this interpretation of a Torso of a

Guardian of the Buddhist Faith, Kamakura Period, (1185- 1333) for "Flora in Winter 2024" at the Worcester Art Museum.

Julie Lapham's arrangement at WAM_edited.jpg

Julie Lapham's arrangment

interprets Scholar's Rock,

Chinese 20th Century

at the Worcester Art Museum's

"Flora in Winter 2024"

Isabelle Zee 2_edited.png

Isabelle shared some of her

favorite techniques while

creating this stunning

arrangement with roses,

orchids, tiny blooms and

interesting greens.


Michele Landes generously hosted our annual holiday brunch.

We all enjoyed the Christmas decorations all around her

beautiful home, including

this stunning tree.


Again this year, the brunch buffet was gorgeous and delicious!



Another gorgeous Christmas tree

is framed by bay windows

featuring decorated wreaths.


This is one of several mantle pieces, decorated with pretty greens and wonderful holiday collections

Laurie and Debbies Table_edited.jpg

Debbie Corrigan and Laurie

Macauda created this classic

and elegant tablescape.


Holiday china, silver and crystal

along with a special surprise

for New Year's Eve make a lovely table.  All this is made even more festive with fresh greens and

pine cones.



Cathy Neidich and Paula Schwartz

invite you to pull up a comfy

floor cushion to enjoy

a hip dinner party!



Paula enters wearing her maxi

skirt, fringed suede vest and

peace sign necklace.


Cathy comes in sporting a colorful

tie dyed T-shirt she made for the occasion.  Notice the vintage

buttons with messages

from the 60s.

Jan's Library Arrangement_edited.jpg


Jan DeWolf created this

lovely winter/holiday arrangement

for the Southborough Library.


Another view of the arrangement to the left.  You can make one of your own at our Winter Greens Workshop on December 19th.


You can recreate this beautiful centerpiece of red and white roses with winter greens and berries at our Winter Greens Workshop on December 19th.

Cardinal wreath photo 2023.jpg

Snowy Woodland Wreath

(click above to order)

a 14" balsam wreath with a variety of snow kissed greens, pine cones and birch swirls, with a red cardinal and his

bird house.

Plaid Bow with Berries wreath photo 2023.jpg

Red Plaid and Berries

(click above to order)

14" balsam wreath with a festive red plaid bow and a variety of greens, pine cones and berries.  Our perennial favorite!

Grapevine wreath photo 2023.jpg

Grapevine and Jingle Bells

(click above to order)

14" grapevine wreath with assorted greens and three rustic bells hanging below a

multi-colored bow.


Presenter Lisa Oberholzer-Gee created this gorgeous arrangement featuring Autumn colors on a grapevine wreath.


Lisa Oberholzer-Gee, our Annual November Guest Day designer presented "Techniques from Europe and Asia" that featured unusual floral elements and containers.


Our guest designer gathered this pretty bouquet, ringed with a seasonal grapevine wreath and

placed them in an interesting urn-shaped container.


This striking creation is the one our guest is working on in the center photo above.  Again, it features a grapevine wreath, this time with dramatic branches and elements

with the feel of Fall.


Our Annual Holiday Boutique included these Fall bouquets of

dried gathered locally vegetation... and some pretty little plants in Autumn colors.


Enjoy these beautiful dried hydrangeas, cut in one of our members yards, all year long!

Enjoy the color and fragrance of spring with these bulbs that will bloom this winter.  Each is planted in a pretty antique tea cup.


This year's Holiday Boutique offered these exotic little orchid plants,

hand made photo note cards and

tiny bouquets of dried flowers.


Gardeners member volunteers got together to make these pine cone swags perfect for Fall and the upcoming Holiday Season.


Laurie Macauda and her dedicated hospitality volunteers presented a beautiful selection of goodies for everyone to enjoy.  The stunning centerpiece was created by Michele Landes and Cathy Neidich.  A lucky raffle winner got to take that home.

Library Fall 2023_edited.jpg

Southborough Gardeners

designed this lovely Autumn

display for residents to enjoy

while visiting the Library.

Library Fall 2023-2_edited.png


How about these amazing hydrangeas!

photos 2_edited.png


Member volunteers sold bags of  5 beautiful Marieke daffodil  bulbs and tickets for our annual November Guest Day.  They also gave out tickets to win a loaded picnic basket.

photos 1_edited.jpg


Debbie Corrigan was our Heritage Day Chairperson.  Laurie Macauda and Jan DeWolf also helped plan our booth.



Members helped welcome Heritage Day visitors.  We sold daffodil bulbs and gave out free raffle tickets to win a picnic basket full of picnic necessities.

Tower Hill 1_edited.jpg


Our gang poses with

"Mother Nature" while

visiting the New England

Botanic Garden at Tower Hill.

Tower Hill 7_edited.jpg


This stunning red dragon,

part of the "Myths, Magic and Monsters" exhibit, surprises visitors walking

around "The Ramble".

Tower Hill 9_edited.jpg


We enjoyed walking through

this indoor atrium where

tropical plants live happily

all year long.

Tower Hill 5_edited.jpg


One of the first stops on

our tour was this "living wall" made up of various kinds

and colors of plants.  The wall is  irrigated from behind.

Tower Hill 4_edited.jpg


These gorgeous flowers and plants were part of the garden around the property's original farm house.

Tower Hill 6_edited.jpg


A beautiful sculpture and

lovely container enhance

an atrium filled with

tropical plants.

Sept 7_edited.jpg


Three Police Officers

met us at the Senior Center

to pick up arrangements

 and deliver them to

seniors at home.

Sept 3_edited.jpg


Susan Conti, our Chairperson

for "Flowers for Friends",

hands off arrangements to

Southborough Police Officers.

Sept 4_edited.jpg


We delivered some

arrangements to the Senior

Center where they will

brighten the welcome desk

and several offices.

Sept 9_edited.jpg


Member brought flowers and greens from their home gardens and created several dozen unique little arrangements.

Sept 10_edited.jpg


Our volunteers assemble small arrangements to share with

local seniors, meals on

wheels recipients and food

panty visitors.

Sept 5_edited.jpg


Members and Officers admire

all the small arrangements waiting to be delivered

around town.

Judy w Demo 2_edited.jpg


Judy with the lovely

arrangement she created

as part of her presentation.

Judys ginger jar arrangement_edited.jpg


A lovely sample arrangement

Judy created to compliment

a pretty ginger jar.

Judy 2 Samples_edited.jpg


Judy shared some tips about

designing arrangements

for a variety of different containers.

Louise & Danielle_edited.jpg


Louise and Danielle show

off the arrangements they

created with their fresh

flowers from Ferjulian's.

Janet and Janes arrangements_edited.jpg


Janet and Jane picked so

many beautiful flowers

that they each made

several arrangements.

Cathy and her arrangement_edited.jpg


Cathy shows off a lovely

arrangement that features

flowers in shades of

pink and purple.

Elizabeth working_edited_edited.jpg


Elizabeth is working hard

behind a sea of gorgeous


Judys diagonal arrangement_edited.jpg


Judy created this

stunning asymmetrical arrangement that really

shows off each bloom.

Judy Crystal Vase_edited.jpg


This gorgeous and really

colorful bouquet shows

off a wonderful variety

of mid-summer flowers!

Elm Bank 2023-5_edited.jpg


Members visit the Mass. Horticultural Society Gardens at Elm Bank including

"Ribbit the Exhibit"

Elm Bank 2023-3_edited.jpg


Debbie, Diana, Caroline,

Carol, Veda and Laurie

gather for a group

photo while touring

the gardens.

Elm Bank 2023-11_edited.jpg


The frogs are

ballroom dancers!

Elm Bank 2023-12_edited.jpg


These statues are the Roman goddesses Flora, Ceres, and Pomona. They were originally installed on the facade of the 2nd Horticulture Hall in Boston.

Elm Bank 2023-10_edited.jpg


The Olmsted Italianate Garden functioned as a room of the Manor House with its tall

hedged walls.

Elm Bank 2023-4_edited.jpg


A frog sculpture added to the garden several years ago became so popular that 18 other sculptures joined him for

"Ribbit the Exhibit"



Everyone enjoyed the

opportunity and time to

table-hop and visit

with friends.



We all enjoyed a delicious lunch of a green salad, lemon chicken with veggies and a variety of tempting desserts.



Some of the Southborough Gardeners founding members enjoyed the chance to

see each other and catch up.


Sue Conti organized our Spring

"Flowers for Friends" event and about ten members including Cathy, Jane, Betty, Sandra and Debbie brought flower and greens and helped arrange them.



Sandra and Judy collaborate

on design for a petite jelly jar arrangement.



Beautiful fresh blooms from members own gardens were designed into arrangements

in assorted small jars

and vases.



Cathy, Betty and Debbie are

busy creating pretty arrangements to share with Southborough seniors.



Volunteers created approximately 40 little arrangements that were delivered to local seniors with help from the Southborough Police Department.



At the Mass. Federation of Garden Clubs Annual Presidents Meeting our own Julie Lapham demonstrated how to create this stunning arrangement.

Shelley Dropkin & Sue Pyne_edited.jpg


Shelley and Sue know

this year's Plant Sale

is a big success!

Wagon Load_edited.jpg


Shoppers filled their

wagons with lots and lots

beautiful flowering


Danielle Checks Out_edited.jpg


It was a busy all morning

at the checkout


Mary Coldwell & Trudi Bessom_edited.jpg


Mary and Trudi

are our plant and gardening

brain trust!

Michele Selling_edited.jpg


Michele advises a

customer on plant choices

donated from our

members gardens.

Caroline & Veda_edited.jpg


Veda and Caroline

are ready to help

shoppers check out.

Mary Consutling_edited.jpg


Mary offers some

expert plant advice

to a few shoppers.

Member Plants_edited.jpg


Shelley help a customer

sort through shade loving

perennial options.

View Across Sale 1_edited.jpg


Lots of customers

were already shopping

when we opened

at 8:00 a.m.

Driveway Shrubs_edited.jpg


In addition to beautiful

annuals and perennials

we had gorgeous

flowering shrubs.

Petunia Table_edited.jpg


We had a big selection of

petunias in every color

...hanging pots, patio

pots and petunias to plant.



A gorgeous colombine

was available on our

member donated plants.



Lessons in Chemistry

interpreted by

Elizabeth Martins



What Can You Do With a Rock?

interpreted by

Cathy Neidich

Paula Schwartz
Janet Brown




Oh, the Places You'll Go!

interpreted by

Paula Schwartz
Janet Brown

Cathy Neidich